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Domain Price List

.COM ₱ 750 ₱ 750 ₱ 750
.NET ₱ 750 ₱ 750 ₱ 750
.ORG ₱ 750 ₱ 750 ₱ 750
.BIZ ₱ 750 ₱ 750 ₱ 750
.INFO ₱ 750 ₱ 750 ₱ 750
.PH ₱ 1650 ₱ 1650 ₱ 1650
.NET.PH ₱ 1650 ₱ 1650 ₱ 1650
.COM.PH ₱ 1650 ₱ 1650 ₱ 1650
.US ₱ 750 ₱ 750 ₱ 750
.TV ₱ 2199 ₱ 2199 ₱ 2199
.ME ₱ 2099 ₱ 2099 ₱ 2099
.IN ₱ 750 ₱ 750 ₱ 750

Domain Manager Features

All domains comes with our own domain control panel where you can manage your own nameserver and other PTR records.


Our control panel is built in with domain registration functionality where you can register additional domains.


Easily transfer domain in/out. You can get all transfer information within the control panel.


Manage your domain nameserver and other PTR records through the manage functionality of our domain panel.

Domain Names FAQ

Marginalized communities momentum storytelling truth rural, crowdsourcing empower, sharing economy advancement, gender equality progressive celebrate micro-finance altruism. Medical, refugee enable generosity, measures turmoil theory of social change, UNHCR courageous growth care.

Your domain will enter in the state of limbo where the original registrant is given a change to renew the domain upto 60 days. More than 60 days, domain will be place in available mode for new domain registration.

Sure you can. If you are just placing to park domain or maybe reserve that domain for future use, no need to get a hosting. The only time you get a hosting is when you put up a website on that domain.

Be VERY careful when registering your domain name. Once you purchase your domain, the order is non-refundable.

Normally, new domain registration should go live as soon as they are registered through a domain registrar. Just also make sure you have settled your domain fees so it will be registered to a valid registrar immediately.

We do register almost all kinds of TLD. You can check the domain availability on our domain search engine above. If the TLD is not there, feel free to open a ticket so we can provide pricing.

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